Otoplasty Overcorrection 7 Weeks Out? (photo)

hi, i had otoplasty surgery 7 weeks ago. i feel like the upper part of the ear was overcorrected as it touches my head, and the helix cant be seen from a front view. dr, said they should relax more, to massage the ear couple times a day. i havent seen much relaxation after 7 weeks, i have a follow up in 1 month and 1/2. is it possible to make the top part come out more,

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Otoplasty Revision for Overcorrection

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If you are going to have a revisional otoplasty to release the ear and allow it to come out more, sooner is better than later due to scar buildup. At 2 months after your otoplasty if there has been no change in the ear position then this would be the time to do it.

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