I Just Had Otoplasty is It Normal to Have Black Stitches Left in the Front Part of Ear?

i just had my operation about 3 days ago today i took the dressing off like instructed and took a shower, before i put my head band on i noticed a black stitch sticking out of the front lower part of my ear and its kinda purple and swollen, it doesn't look bad i'm just concerned, this is a re-correction to this ear. will this effect the surgery? the ear is in perfect position.

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Suture in Front of Ear After Otoplasty

There are various techniques in otoplasty to reshape the ears.  Some sutures use anterior approaches to either rasp, scrape, or remove cartilage.  Speak with your surgeon in regards to specifics about your procedure.


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Suture after Otoplasty?

Congratulations on having undergone the otoplasty surgery. The suture you are seeing is probably related to an incision necessary for exposure of the cartilaginous framework. Your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to answer the question more precisely.

Best wishes.

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Suture in front of ear after ear pinning procedure

it is possible that these sutures are related to the removal of cartilage in the "conchal bowl' or central part of ear.  This is a powerful maneuver to help setback the ear, and often best excised through an incision in front of the ear.


I would contact your plastic surgeon's office to ask about your concerns.   I wish you a safe recovery and amazing result!!


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Question about otoplasty

Thank you for the question. I think it is best if you contact your surgeon for advice. He/she know can tell you if that suture discoloration is normal or not. It is good that you are happy with your surgey.

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