Otoplasty - negative result. What course of action should I take? (Photo)

I had a revision otoplasty on one ear after 12 years of being dissatisfied with the original result. Three weeks after surgery the ear is almost identical to pre surgery. The photos are pre op - after 10 days - after 3 weeks. I have spoken to the surgeon yesterday who advised that he does not want to undertake a further correction and this is the result he was after. Am I over reacting? What course of action should I take?

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Miscommunication about results?

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When your surgeon says that was the result he was after, I wonder where was your input into this decision making process.  You do have an improvement in that your upper ear doesn't protrude as much.  But were you clear in letting your surgeon know what you expected?  Regardless, if changes can be made, you can discuss revisions with your surgeon after waiting for several months to see your final result.  And if your surgeon refuses,  you can get a second opinion but be forewarned that if your concerns must be easily appreciated.

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Otoplasty - negative result. What course of action should I take?

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Firstly, the fact is that nothing can be said yet about the final result 3 weeks after an operation. It is questionable whether the revision otoplasty was necessary at all because the preoperative photo actually shows a nice ear-pinning result. The question is why you were not satisfied with the result. In the preoperative photo it can be seen that the upper third of your ear has a special anatomy: the outer ear edge, called helix in medical terms, is curved forwards and outwards in the shape of a shovel. This anatomy is present in many ears and sometimes gives patients the impression that their ear is protruding too much at the top, which is normally not the case… The post-operative photo, 3 weeks afterwards, shows that nothing was changed regarding this anatomy. Only when a photo from the back shows that the upper third of the ear is still protruding does the question arise whether it should still be pinned closer to the head here. If the ear is not protruding in the upper third, then you shouldn’t have another operation.

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