Otoplasty over correction : fix technique?

I am within the 6 week period of having an otoplasty done... One ear is way too tight to my head. It needs to come out maybe 2-3mm, to look symmetrical with the other. My question is.. What can the doctor do? They are secured with permanent sutures. I don't need to go through the whole surgery process again ? Is it something that can be done with local freezing ?

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Otoplasty Over correction

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If the only difference between the two ears is how close the ear (2-3mm) is relative to the side of your head then I would continue to wait at least three months from the day of surgery. The ears will heal slightly differently in the initial postoperative period and may resolve with time. If something additional is required, it is certainly possibly to perform it in the office under local anesthesia (local freezing). The sutures can be adjusted to achieve more symmetry. Best of Luck
Dr Moynihan

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