Otoplasty Asymmetry?

Hi, I had otoplasty six weeks ago. One side has an upper portion which comes out slightly whereas the other side tucks in. My main concern though is the lower ear, where there is a spiked piece of cartilage which juts out on one side just above the ear lobe, which is not the case on the other side. If this is not swelling, can it be reduced with another op even thought the cartilage is hard? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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Otoplasty Asymmetry

Please post a few pictures as this would give us an opportunity to give better advice.    A sharp edge can usually be improved unless this was part of the conchal resection.  Kenneth Hughes, MD ear pinning surgery Los Angeles, CA

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The structure you are describing is called the cauda helicis. I routinely remove this with my otoplasties, as it can stick out like you describe. It is possible this was removed and there is residual swelling. Give it another month or two. If it persists it is easily removed under local anesthesia.

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Otoplasty asymmetry

Pictures would be very helpful to assist in answering your question.  At six weeks after your otoplasty, there still will be some changes taking place during the healing process.  I would recommend giving it some more time and if there is an issue with cartilage, it is something that should be able to be addressed with surgery.  

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