I Had Otoplasty 8months Ago. They Were Both Overcorrected, One Slightly More Than the Other. What Can Be Done? (photo)

I had otoplasty in July 2011 but they were definitely overcorrected, especially the right side. They appear to have been overcorrected at the lower antihelix and I'm wondering what are possible ways to fix this? Also, although I expected there to be some scarring in the back of the ear, the outer cartilage is not seemless and appears kindof "jumbled up"/uneven. What can I do?

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Otoplasty revision is difficult and want to choose your surgeon carefully

This can be done but I would go to someone experienced in this and someone that is willing to take the time to help the situation. The revision could require many steps. Cartilage, skin and all components that may need to be addressed. It may require scar release, grafting of cartilage and skin but more pictures would help or a live consultation even better.

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Otoplasty revision

Unraveling an otoplasty that is bent back too far requires a release through your original incision. However, it is not as simple as just releasing the scar particularly at 8 months after surgery. In some cases, the cartilage can be scored and some release will be obtained but this is not always reliable. It is also possible that a small cartilage graft may be needed to hold the cartilage release apart and keep it from scarring back down. In looking at your ears from the behind view, you may be successful with a release without grafting.

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