I had a otoplasty about 3-4 years ago, but ears are pointy again?

Ihad my ears pinned back a while ago, but they seem to have sprung back out, is that possible? They look really strange too as well as they are not symmetrical. I don't really want to pay to have it done again but I don't know what else to do?

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Ears are pointy again?

Hello jkaclark123,Without photos and without knowing when your operation was, it is impossible to give you an assessment. You should post a photo from before the operation and an actual photo for comparision. Only then can a judgement be made as to whether and to what degree your ears have returned to their original position and also whether they are asymmetrical in relation to your head.

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Otoplasty Complication

Without the benefit of a good history, examination, operative report, and pictures, it is impossible for me to give you sound advice. The obvious answer is to consult your surgeon.

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