Otoplasty 20 Yrs Ago. Stitch Fell out Have a Sore That Never Heals! All Labs Good.

I had otoplasty 20 yrs ago when I was 10 and in my late 20's a stitch can out in front part of where the internal stitches were in front part ear. I have had a sore that comes and goes for 2 yrs and pcp wont touch it, (fear of cauliflower ear). The derm said all labs good (no reason why my body wouldnt heal properly). The only thing labs did indicate was past and present infection. I called my dr. that did this and retired long ago. Im an rn student, have to wear hair up! Can this be fixed?!

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Otoplasty sore where sutures were located

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I would consider removing the suture that is possibly causing the sore. It is possible that the sore is due to an infected stitch as has been mentioned. This is a relatively easy thing to do.

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Otoplasty Suture Problem?

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I'm sorry to hear about the complication you're experiencing;  is related to a permanent suture.  Fortunately, this should be able to be removed without consequences.

Visit with a experienced plastic surgeon in your area.

Otoplasty suture extrusion

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This certainly can occur.   Mersilene is a common suture for otoplasty.  It is a  polyester suture which is braided and can work its way through the skin either the front or posterior ear.  it can be removed with local anesthetic withouth compromising the result of the otoplasty.  The wound typically heals well once the suture is removed.

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Otoplasty and exposed sutures

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I'm sorry to hear that you are having a problem so long after your otoplasty.  This is a problem that can occur after otoplasty and  may be caused by permanent, nonabsorbable sutures, which are often used to help hold the ear cartilage in proper position.  Occasionally these sutures can work their way through the skin and cause a chronic or recurrent wound.  Check with a local plastic surgeon, it may be a simple procedure to remove the offending suture which may be causing the problem.  Best of luck.

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It is a shame that you are going through this. The permanent suture must have eroded through the skin. For that doctor to tell you that it should heal even when it is not means that he or she doesn't understand wound healing. If you have a chronic non-healing wound then by definition it will not heal. Plastic surgeons are trained in difficult wounds that no other doctor can fix. Please make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Let me know if you need a referal as I know quite a few legitimate plastic surgeons near you. Also, cauliflower ear is caused by a hematoma after trauma. Removing the sutures is the only means to begin the healing process.

Hope that helps

Otoplasty and Sutures

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Sutures that are used in the cartilage are typically permanent and while unusual, this can happen.  You need to see a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs otoplasty.  It is important to have an examination in case sure more removal of suture or local debridement is necessary.  Best of luck.



Jeff Scott, MD
Everett Plastic Surgeon

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