I Had Otoplasty 11 Days Ago and After the Badage Was Removed, my Ears Moved Forward Overnight?

Do You Reckon That the Cartilage is still a bit weak and wearing a headband day and night for the following weeks will effect this? thanks a lot

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Otoplasty and results

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I think that it is best to talk to your surgeon to see how he/she wants you to take care of the ears post-operatively.

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It sounds like you are having some recurrence and should discuss this with your surgeon.  It is possible that the headband use for a month will help as the ear heals and scar tissue sets in.  However, my experience has been what you initially se is what you get for a final result.  Good Luck.

Partial Otoplasty Relapse

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I am interpreting your question as to say that after the bandages were removed that the ears were more forward the following day. This is not a function of weak cartilage, but the converse. The ear cartilage has bowed back out due to inadequate tightening of the sutures during the procedure (not pulled back far enough) or the sutures have slipped. Given that it occurred in both ears, it is more likely that not enough correction was obtained during the surgery.

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