Would an Osteotomy Be a Good Procedure to Make Better Facial Symmetry After a Zygomatic Fracture?

A zygomatic fracture i had 3 years ago has now left my zygoma and zygomatic arch to protrude. Could a surgeon remove bone from my zygoma as simple as he would perform other facial surgeries? I wouldn't want to risk having it re fractured or getting implants on the other side.

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Facial Fracture Deformity Repair following Zygomatic Fracture.

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I would strongly recommend going to a board certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon or oral surgeon who has experience in facial fractures to take care of your problem.The specific procedure is unclear as you did not provide x-rays or photographs. I do not believe that most "facial cosmetic surgeons" would have that experience. I personally would pick a craniofacial surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery - see below link

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