Would Osteotomy for Dorsal Hump Also Correct a Crooked Nose? (Frontal View)

Would a nasal infracture to close an open roof also correct a crooked nose

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Osteotomy for dorsal hump correct crooked nose

Removal of a dorsal hump can result in an "open roof deformity" which requires osteotomy to close.  Depending on how the hump is removed, simply doing lateral osteotomies may or may not correct a crooked nose.  The main cause of crook nose is difference in height of the bones and cartilages on the left and right side.  If this is corrected with the osteotomy, then the nose should be straighter.  If it is not corrected, then the nose will still be crooked.  I suggest consulting with your rhinoplasty surgeon to determine the best options for treatment of your crooked nose as it may require more than just hump removal and osteotomies.

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Crooked Noses Can be Challenging

A crooked nose is usually more of a cartilage problem and not entirely a bony problem. I doubt if a simple infracture or hump removal would be able to fix it. It would more likely take a rhinoplasty, working on both bone and cartiage to give you a nice result.

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Would Osteotomy for Dorsal Hump Also Correct a Crooked Nose?

Dear xzr,

thank you for your question.  Would be helpful to see a photo. If the crookedness is only in the nasal bones and not in the cartilage, then yes.  If the tip, or the nasal septum is crooked, then additional corrective measures need to be taken during the rhinoplasty.

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Osteotomies for removing a dorsal hump can help a crooked nose, but other factors are involved

  • Dear xzryry95zx
    • You might think of it like a mountain top that is not straight up. If you cut the top of the mountain off, then the crooked base is still there. 
    • The base of the mountain cuts are the other osteotomies that are used (for nasal in fracture as your second ? asked)
    • remember that the crooked nose is often a combination of bone, cartilage and septum
    • SO it depends. 
    • Best Wishes

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Osteotomy to Correct Crooked Nose

If the apparent deviation is secondary to asymmetry of nasal bone position, osteotomies may correct the deviation. However a nose is usually crooked because the septum is alsodeviated which would require a septoplasty. 

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Would Osteotomy for Dorsal Hump Also Correct a Crooked Nose

If the cause of the crooked nose is Bony deviation, then an osteotomy following a dorsal hump reduction will help. If the cause is due to Septal Deviation then additional measures are necessary. They may involve Septoplasty, the use of cartilage grafts and a few other techniques. You should consult with a Plastic Surgeon with Rhinoplasty expertise

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Would Osteotomy for Dorsal Hump Also Correct a Crooked Nose?

            If there is bony deviation, then an osteotomy can improve a crooked nose.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Would Osteotomy for Dorsal Hump Also Correct a Crooked Nose?

The osteotomy to close an open roof can also be used to straighten the bridge of the nose. There is minimal difference between these two maneuvers. If your nose has a hump and is also crooked, both issues can be addressed with the same cuts in the nasal bones. 

Correction of a crooked nose

There are many maneuvers that can be performed to correct a crooked nose.  This can involve lateral osteotomy or correction of a deviated septum.   

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Nasal Fracture and Crooked Nose

A nasal in-fracture after a rhinoplasty my in some cases straighten the nose. It really is not possible to comment further without photographs.

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