Can I Have Osteotomies Done Prior to 1 Year After Surgeon Shaved Bump, but Didnt Break the Bones? (photo)

Resulting in a Flat, Wide Nose Had revision rhino 9 yrs after 1st rhino to shave dorsal bump, narrow bridge. Its been over 3 mnths since rev. Each visit we discused narrowing bridge w/ 2D & 4D imaging during surgery he decided not to narrow bridge, he felt it looked fine as is.Now its wide,flat & leftside nasal bone is protruding outward which it never did be4. After cast removal that bone was bruised which confused me since no nasal bones were broken.Can anything be done now or be4 1 yr to fix or camoflauge this? PleaseHelp

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Osteotomies after rev rhinoplasty

From the limited photos you submitted, and looking at the right photo, it appears that you need a left sided osteotomy and a spreader graft on the right side to straighten out your nose. Of course, full examination would be required to give  a final assessment.

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