Juvederm Voluma lips... Help! (Photo)

6 days ago I had 1 full syringe put into my lips. .7 on top.. remainder on bottom. Swelling and tenderness is gone but my lips do not look as I wanted. It feels like a rope inside. I have NOW read that Voluma is NOT recommended for lips. GREAT! can my lips be fixed? I've tried to press the lumps out but this product is very firm amd does seem to spread out. Suggestions please. Before and after photos attached.

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Voluma in the lips

You can experience swelling, especially of the lips for two weeks.  If after that time you are still unhappy I would recommend returning to your injector to discuss options.  There is a product available that can be injected to dissolve the filler.

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Fullness after Voluma

I would return to your practitioner to discuss your options for the areas that you don't like after waiting a couple weeks for swelling to resolve... this includes hyaluronidase to reverse the filler.

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Juvederm Voluma and the Lips

Voluma is not indicated in the lips. If the swelling does not come down then I would return to your treating physician to have the product dissolved.  In the future, please consult a board certified dermatologist with expertise with facial injections for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

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Juvederm Voluma lips... Help!

Hello Galsmiley,

You have correctly read that Voluma is not recommended for the lips.  It is a very thick filler with a high degree of cross linking.  This is what allows it to stay for longer.  It is also why the injection needs to be deep as it would create the feeling you are experiencing.  Since you have already had your injection, you can consider ice, benadryl, and steroids to help decrease the swelling (done under the supervision of your physician).  You can also have hyaluronidase injected to get rid of the product.  The drawback with the hyaluronidase is it will get rid of everything so you ended up paying for a syringe and then a treatment to get rid of it.  I would recommend you follow up closely with your injector and continue to discuss your concerns.  

I hope this helps and good luck. 

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Voluma in the lips

Your photographs indicate significant swelling.  It can take a couple of weeks for this to resolve, and so your cannot judge your final results.  It is possible to remove volume from an injection site with a hyaluronidase product if you are unhappy with your final results.  The ability to do so in areas such as the lips demonstrates the benefit of a hyaluronic acid product in the lips

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Voluma in Lipsw

In general, Voluma is not recommended for the mucosal (wet part) of the lips.  It is not a hydrophilic molecule (does not attract water), unlike Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus.  As a result, you should not have the swelling and firmness you describe.  I suggest revisiting your board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for evaluation.  He or she may recommend dissolving some of the Voluma with hylauronidase.  

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Suneel Chilukuri, M.D.
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Juvederm Voluma lips... Help!

Thank you for your questions and series of photographs. I am sorry that your results have not been what you anticipated, but with the amount of Voluma placed into your lips, it may take upwards of 4 weeks to fully soften.  It also appears that you have a fair amount of swelling still present.  It is difficult to wait, but give yourself at least a month from the injections to assess your results.  If you do not feel as if you can wait that long, Voluma is a filler that can be dissolved with a series of injections of another medicine.  Hope this helps. 

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Juvederm Voluma lips... Help! = consider dissolving the voluma filler and star over #fb #lips #drmesa

Dermal fillers can be used as off-lable to treat other areas of the face that are not described in the manufacture's package insert of the product.

Lip augmentation is generally performed with hyaluronic based fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero. These fillers usually last for about 10 months to 1 year in the lips.

Patients looking for a longer lip augmentation effect may think that long lasting hyaluronic acid based fillers like voluma may be the best option. Voluma is know to last up to 2 years.

Lip augmentation of the lips with Voluma is not recommended because the filler is too stiff. Lips are generally soft or spongy. Fillers that absorb water, become soft and spongy. Therefore, water absorbing fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and belotero are used for natural look and natural feel lip augemtantion. Voluma, by not absorbing to much water, although can augment the lip, will fill stiff ( eg. like a cord) decreasing the "spongy-like" texture of the lips.

Lips augmented with voluma that look and fill stiff, may be  reversed in the injection of a dissolving enzyme.  All hyaluronic acid based fillers, including voluma,  can be reversed in the injection of a enzyme called hyaluronidase ( brand name: vitrase) . After a prudent healing time has passed, lips could be augmented with a hyaluronic acid based filler recommended for lip augmentation like juvederm, restylane or Belotero

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Juvederm Voluma lips... Help!

Hi Galsmiley,

I understand your concern. Voluma is intended to be injected under the skin, not at the deep dermal area. The primary use of Voluma is to restore volume on the cheek area. I have not heard of Voluma being injected into the lips. Also it was not until recently that the FDA approved Juvederm Ultra Plus to be injected on the lips. I would suggest to have a conversation with your injector. If the injector was a PA or Nurse, please ask to talk to the physician to explain the problem and to look for a solution. if all avenues of communication are broken or it leads you nowhere, then look for a second opinion.

At this stage also your lips will be swollen, 4-6 weeks should pass before making any other drastic decision on what to do with your lips if there is a problem.

Hope this helps,
Dr. Gus Diaz

Gustavo A. Diaz, MD
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