Any Good Options for Loose Saggy Skin on Thighs? (photo)

Help!! I'm 44, 5'5", 120lbs and have NOT lost any weight, i tried vella shape for some mi cellulite on the back of my legs five years ago, but they also used it on the front of my legs ( which did not have cellulite ) From the waist up, Im happy, waist down I look like a different person, how I can improve this, I havent worn shorts or a bathing suit in public for years, I'm active and have a physical job, but the skin on my thighs is streched and ugly, and honestly makes me feel like crying.

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Any Good Options for Loose Saggy Skin on Thighs?

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                  I perform dozens of thigh lifts a year.  An extended medial thigh lift may be the procedure for you.  An exam would be necessary to confirm.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of body contouring procedures each year.  Look at website before and after photos and decide which surgeon can give the results you desire.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Treatment Options For Loose Saggy Thigh Skin

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The use of non-surgical methods to treat saggy thigh skin is usually always unsuccessful. When this situation arises, the correction of this problem usually always requires surgical intervention. A variety of surgical procedures are available to treat this problem. The procedure chosen will depend upon your anatomic findings and aesthetic goals.

Although, we're unable to perform a physical examination, your pictures and history suggest excess thigh skin in both the transverse and vertical dimensions. Under these circumstances, correction of this deformity will probably require excision of excess skin in multiple dimensions. Under these circumstances, a medial thigh lift will be necessary to correct this problem.

This procedure utilizes a groin incision which is extended vertically along the inner aspect of the thigh toward the knee. The procedure removes excess skin in multiple dimensions and dramatically improves thigh contour. It's associated with excellent clinical results and high levels of patient satisfaction.

The only way to really know what option is best for you is to be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area. For this reason, it's appropriate to consult a surgeon who can formulate a treatment plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Loose thigh skin with fat redundancies

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Hello CanuckDani- There is hope for your thigh situation, but magical machines do not hold the answer. From what little I can see in your photos, it would be nice to sculpt your knees (and wherever else in your thighs it might benefit) with liposuction and do a simultaneous lower body lift. You can first just start with the liposuction and I believe you will start loving your knees again and show them off. A lower body lift entails combining a lateral thigh lift with a medial thigh lift and this can be done simultaneously or as a separate procedure. You might also find that just the lateral thigh lift might help the cellulite appearance of your upper thighs. 

Good luck. 

Thigh lift , Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Adibfar

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Hello ;

As you have mentioned you seem to have a noticeable difference between your upper and lower body. Your thigh skin  surface irregularity and laxity have obviously not responded to non invasive modalities.

Depending on how extensive of and improvement you would like to achieve you may get improvements starting from a short scar medial thigh lift to as much as having one combined with an anterior and lateral thigh lift as well.

This latter part is best achieved with a circumferential body lift.

More accurate and specific information can be given once fully evaluated by a Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in this area.

I perform many procedures described above on both massive weight loss patients after gastric banding as well as patients like you who are non responsive to non invasive treatments.

Thank you 


May consider an inner thigh lift

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The only option for you is to consider an inner thigh lift.  It will not get rid of all of your wrinkled skin of the thighs but you should get a descent improvement.  I would not expect much improvement form any non-invasive treatment.   

Thigh lift surgery with liposuction

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Unfortunately, there are no effective nonsurgical options to address very loose thigh skin. Thigh lift surgery is the best treatment to effectively remove excess thigh skin and restore contour of the thigh.

There are a variety of different ways to perform a thigh lift surgery. The appropriate technique depends on the degree of skin laxity and also the degree of fatty excess. The length and position of the scar can vary greatly depending on how much loose skin there is in the thighs and if this isolated to the upper third of the thigh or involves the lower two thirds of the thigh. There may be a horizontal component of the scar that is in or close to the groin crease and can be both in front and under the buttock crease. There can also be a vertical component of the scar the extends down the inner thigh. These can also be used in alone or in combination. In some cases, liposuction of the thigh can greatly complement the result, especially when there is fatty excess combined with skin excess. In your case, extensive liposuction combined with a thigh lift may be able to improve the waviness of the front of your thighs.

You should see a board certified plastic surgeon to get an idea of what procedure would give you the best result.

Thigh Lift Recommended

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Hi Good Afternoon , 
From what can be seen in the pictures I would recommend a Thigh Lift , but a proper evaluation a physical one would be best to see if only Liposuction would be good or if it is basically only skin in which the removal of the skin with the Thigh Lift would be the way to go.

Regards !


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