Is this bruising normal? 3 days post op - breast augmentation (Photo)

I had my BA done on Nov 26th. I'm wondering if this bruising is normal. My right breast is considerably more bruised than the left but they are mostly equal in size but not painful. I have a factor VIII deficiency that often results in me bruising easier than most people. I just want to be sure this isn't excessive. I had 450cc placed submuscular through a periareolar incision.

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Bruising post op

Some degree of bruising is normal but if you start experiencing a change (increase in breast size, pain, drainage, etc.), best to let your operating surgeon know ASAP so you can be properly evaluated in person.

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Normal Bruising

Thank you for the question and the picture.   Judging from the picture it looks like the bruising you are experiencing is within normal limits, an in person exam is always best if you have questions.   Good luck

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Some bruising is normal. Your bruising does not look excessive. Any concerns you have should be addressed by your surgeon.

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Is this bruising normal? 3 days post op - breast augmentation

The bruising you describe can be normal. However if you have swelling, tightness and discomfort on that side you should see your surgeon to rule out a hematoma.

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