Can I Have Orthognatic Jaw Surgery? My Mouth Is Small, And My Chin Is Receding (photo)

I am in braces,my 4 bicuspid teeth are pulled for the treatment and teeth spaces will be closed which will make my jaws smaller. The problem is I have always felt my mouth a bit small for my tongue and closing the teeth spaces will cause more discomfort for my tongue and will make my sunken cheek worse. I believe my chin is a bit receded and advancing both jaws front will help my facial aestetics.Can I be a candidate for orthognatic surgery?I don want chin implant which wont help my small mouth.

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Jaw surgery for cosmetic improvement

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Orthognathic (jaw) surgery to move jaws forward or backward can produce some amazing cosmetic transformations as well as functional improvement in your bite.  However, identifying patients who will benefit from the variety of procedures involved and the degree of movement required can be quite complex.  Lateral cephalograms and Panorex imaging is important in measuring and sketching out the final plan.  Looking at your photos, I would say the most immediate improvement in your profile can be achieved with a sliding genioplasty (cut and move chin bone forward) and a simultaneous rhinoplasty.  Malar (cheek bone) fat augmentation may also give you a pleasant improvement in proportionality with respect to your midface and sunken cheek problem.  It is difficult to appreciate on your lateral cephalogram, but I suspect that you have normal occlusion (Type I).  Moving both jaws forward from normal occlusion to accommodate your tongue problem will become much more difficult with not too much benefit.  If your tongue is truly large (macroglossia), then a tongue reduction may help with that.  Once again, it is very important to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon with a large experience in orthognathic surgery to get a comprehensive plan in place before committing to a fairly extensive surgery.

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