Could Orthognathic Swelling Be the Reason my Rhinoplasty is Looking This Way? (photo)

I had upper jaw surg. and rhino/septoplasty together 25 days ago. I posted a question earlier, but didn't mention the lefort 1 surgery. I had cranial bone taken for the jaw advancement surg. but not sure if it was used in my nose. I have no other graft site on me other than a wound in my skull. Could the swelling from the lefort be responsible for pushing the graft in my nose to create the appearance of a hump? I had no hump before surgery. Will this resolve once jaw/nose swelling resolves? Thnx

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Calvarial bone graft

It certainly looks like you have a bone graft put into the bridge of your nose. I don't think that the swelling on your lefort had any impact on your nasal swelling. I suspect a bone graft was put into your nose and it will stay like that unless you have someone remove it.

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