Orthognathic Surgery and Braces? (photo)

i'm having orthognathic surgery. My concern is that ill have to wear braces for two years before i'm able to get the surgery done. I just have a small gap in between my front teeth. so i was wondering if it would be possible to get the surgery and have braces put on for say two weeks before surgery and then have my teeth be fine tuned by the braces as my jaw heals? or am i suck with the braces for two years till my teeth are in perfect alignment? i want to get the surgery out of the way ASAP

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Braces after orthognathic surgery?

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There are two reasons why braces are needed before surgery.

1. The surgeon needs the braces to stabilize the bone segments after surgery...if this is the case then they can be put on just before surgery

2. The reason why braces are usually needed for an extended time before surgery is to align the teeth in each arch so they will fit together after surgery.  This is much easier and more reliable to do before surgery than after. As a matter of fact I have never had a patient who didn't benefit from some pre-surgical orthodontic treatment.  Sometimes this can be done in a few months, other times it can take a year or more to get things set up correctly

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