Do You Suggest Orthognathic Surgery or Rhinoplasty To Enhane My Profile? Or Both? (photo)

Hi, I have a large nose and an overbite, I think overall my side profile is not very appealing. Although I have an overbite, I still have quite a defined chin, as you can see from my side profile picture where I'm smiling. I have also included a front facing picture because I think my overbite has given me a round chin. I was just wondering what I should do about my side profile, any advice would be appreciated so much, thanks!

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Rhinoplast and/or Orthognathic Surgery

Undoubtedly  you would benefit from both  a rhinoplasty and correction of your overbite. Chin definition can also be improved.

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Do You Suggest Orthognathic Surgery or Rhinoplasty To Enhane My Profile? Or Both?

Aesthetically speaking, your profile would be balanced with a Rhinoplasty to reduce the nasal hump as well as Chin Augmentation using a Chin Implant.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Rhinoplasty and/or rhinoplasty

If is difficult to diagnose your skeletal anatomy without a radiograph.  From your photos you may require surgery in both the maxilla and mandible.  This would correct your bite and improve your profile.  This should be done prior to a rhinoplasty since the nasal form will change with the orthognathic surgery.  Donald R. Nunn MD DDS  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Donald Nunn, MD
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It's all relative

othognathic surgery can have a dramatic effect but it does involve significant cost and recovery period.    chin implants can also have a dramatic effect with less recovery time and a simpler procedure.

rhinoplasty alone can frequently set the proportions of the face to a very pleasing condition.

 your chin projection is only slightly recessed.   if you want to keep things simple consider starting with rhinoplasty, then considering other options for your chin at a later time

David V. Martini, MD
Elkton Facial Plastic Surgeon
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