Getting Orthognathic Surgery in Korea a Good Idea?

I have had previous orthognathic surgery on both my upper and lower jaw to expand the upper and move it forward and to move back the lower. I have a long face and after my surgery this did not change. After 4 years I am considering getting a second orthognathic surgery (a lefort 1? as it is the middle part of my face between my upper lip and nose) to reduce the length of my face and I am considering going to korea for the surgery. Is it a good idea? What do i need to think about?

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This is a good idea if you live in Korea.

However if you do not live in Korea, this is a bad idea.  It is a bad idea because it means having to travel for surgery.  It means if you have an issue after surgery, you are thousands of miles away from your surgeon.  It is much better to find a highly qualified surgeon close to home.  If you are of Korean ancestry, don't assume that you have to travel to Korea to have orthognathic surgery with a Korean oral or craniofacial surgeon.  While they may be very good at what they do, this work is widely available elsewhere.  I do not think you plan is a good one. 

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