Orthognathic Surgery or Cheek Augmentation?

I have seen 3 plastic surgeons who all were unable to offer me anything in regards to a rhinoplasty that would not make my nose worse, they all said they would not reccomend a chin implant, one even commented that the degree to which I am criticising my nose is not normal... however I think the prominence of my nose may be due to an abnormal face/jaw development, leaving me with very flat cheekbones, they are prominent on the side but do not come forward/similar to asian, I dont know what to do.

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Computyer Imaging Should Be Used to Determine If Cheek Or Chin Augmentation Is Beneficial

Your feeling that your nose may be too 'big' or out of proportion may be indicative that other skeletal features of your face are too small. This may be particularly true in reference to your lower jaw/chin area. Computer imaging would be very helpful to see how you feel with chin and/or cheek augmentation. Bringing out these areas may put your face in better overall balance and change your thoughts in regards to your nose.

Orthognathic surgery will not produce the same effect as cheek augmentation. They are too completely different procedures that are done with different aesthetic facial objectives in mind. One is not a substitute for the other. Cheek augmentation provides fullness to the cheek area. Orthognathic surgery (LeFort I osteotomy) provides upper jaw , base of the nose, and upper lip projection. They work at two different facial levels.

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