If You Ask the Orthodontist for a Specific Type of Braces Will They Give It to You?

if i go to my orthodontist and ask him for lingual braces will he put them on my teeth??

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Orthodontists offer services they feel comfortable delivering

Not every dentist has the same skill set, and the same can be said for orthodontists.  If an orthodontist is not trained in certain methods of care, they cannot offer it, despite any request.

If lingual braces are desired and your orthodontist declines, simply find another office or follow their professional advice (you may not be a candidate for lingual braces).

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Ask your orthodontist what kind of braces will give you the best outcome.

Not all systems of braces are equal. Some are "all-purpose" and some are designed for a specific range of problems. It is important to select an orthodontist who is experienced in using a variety of systems including conventional braces, and Invisalign. That way you can be assured that the system that best suits your individual needs will be recommended. Check out the web istes of orthodontists inyour area so you know in advance of your consultation visit what you can expect.

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That depends if he provides lingual braces in his practice.

Lingual braces (behind the teeth braces) are not as common as your traditional braces which are attached to the front of your teeth.  It really depends if the orthodontist in your area provides this type of treatment.  You can go to 3M/Unitek's website and click on to Incognito to find an orthodontist in your area that provides this treatment.

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