Why Does an Orthodontist Choose to Treat Their Patients with Invisalign Vs. Other Clear Aligner Solution?

Financial costs and benefits to the doctor of recommending one vs. another? How much of the decision is based on patients explicitly asking for “Invisalign”? Do you offer other aligners (ClearCorrect, 3M, Ormco)? Do these products require their own costly certification process? What hurdles must you overcome to switch away from Invisalign and offer another product? From an effectiveness POV, how does Invisalign compare to ClearCorrect? Express product vs. MTM and Simpli5?

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Ever doctor has a favorite tool

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The reality is a penny saved "here" is quite often lost "there".  Some cases don't need "the best" (Invisalign) but which cases are they?  Impossible to know.


There are a lot of factors when weighing out what tool to use.  If a person specifically requests one system or another, we try to give them what they want (IF it is an option).


My experience is that Invisalign is the only real clear aligner system that consistently works.

Invisalign vs. Other clear aligners

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I have tried a few other clear aligner systems because the lab fee invisalign charges is so high.  I'd like to offer my patient as lower fee alternative.  However, invisalign is a much more developed system.  I always go back to it and regret fooling with anything else.  Clearcorrect was especially frustrating in my hands.  Had to bail on it and switch to invisalign.  In the end the other systems aren't cheaper due to complications and lack of efficacy

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Why invisalign

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Invisalign albeit expensive to do is the most commonly used clear aligner therapy because it works.  In my practice other methods have not produced results for me

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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