Two Consultations Told Me I'm a Candidate for Invisalign. Based on Recommendations Below, What's Safest For Teeth/Gum Health?

I've Had 2 Orthodontic Consultations.  I Was Told by Both That I'm a Candidate for Invisalign.  I Have Mild Crowding, excess overjet, deviated lower midline, mildly constricted maxilla, slight overbite (20-40%). Mild gum recession, all wisdom teeth removed. Left side bite is perfect, right side my back teeth sit kind of one on top of the other. 1st ortho wants to shave down my teeth (enamel) to make space, then do 10-12 months invisalign. 2nd guy wants to take 6 months w/spacers to make room, then do 14 months invisalign (no filing enamel/teeth). What's the safer option for health of my teeth and gums?

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Is invisalign safe for my teeth and gums?

It sounds like you are a very informed patient. Both  orthodontic consultations have given you good information.  As a conservative dentist I will always look for ways to conserve tooth structure, but if the benefits of straightening the teeth out weigh the risks of removing small amounts of enamel then "shaving down" the teeth will be an option.  If you do need to shave down the teeth make sure that you are using a fluoride rinse during treatment to strengthen the enamel.   My recommendation would be to choose the provider that you feel most comfortable with and work with them to come up with the option that you are most comfortable with.  Also invisalign orthodontics relies on the compliance of the patient so if you are committed to the plan you will achieve great results.     

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Which is the best option

As with most things, there is seldom an "ideal" treatment plan in orthodontiics.  Many times we have to weigh conflicting factors.  In your case it seems that one treatment plan is faster than the other (good) but does require some slenderizing of the teeth (not a bad thing in moderation but ideally we would prefer not to do any!)  Get all the facts pros and cons before making a decision..either way sounds acceptable

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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