Orthodontic Braces for 14 Months, and Different Doc?

My daugher has full banned braces and has them on for 14 months. She needed them becasue she had a space between her front teeth. She is now all aligned however she has small spaces between the eye teeth on top and bottom. We have moved and the orthontist here doesn's use the same appliances. He would have to take everything off and start over. Is it feasible to just take them off now. Or is the clear retainer braces an option to close gaps?

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Transferring to a different orthodontist is often difficult due to the different types of appliances and there are often differences in treatment methods.

You might want to get opinions from several different orthodontic specialists and ask a lot of questions .  Try to find  someone who gives you good explanations that you can fully understand and someone who you feel comfortable with.  Also ask your previous orthodontist for recommendations to someone who uses similar appliances to what you have.

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