What Are Ortho Wire's Made Of? Tried One on Top and Got Galvanic Shock, Alergic to Nickel

3 year post invisalign patient, need 2 new crowns, so will have to get new invisalign trays. After treatment tried a gold wire for top could not use it because of galvanic shock. No fillings where wire would be placed but, surrounding teeth have pins, and filings. Cannot wear nickel earings, they irratate. The only solution I was given was to use the invisalign retainer trays. Is their any other product that can be used?

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There are Nickel Free Wires and Brackets

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Many orthodontic materials contain percentages nickel. Usually it's not much of a problem even for many with nickel allergies (because for whatever reason the allergic reactions are rare in the mouth), but every now and again a patient doesn't tolerate the nickel products well.

Fortunately there are nickel-free and nickel-lite products that your orthodontist can specially order. You'll likely have to have some combination of ceramic braces and titanium wires to straighten your teeth, since many stainless stell products contain a small amount of nickel (it is usually bound up and unavailable to cause a reaction but it still best avoided).

If your teeth are really crowded it might make things more difficult because almost all of the light flexible wires, used early in treatment when there is more crowding, contain nickel. However, there are some alternatives that your orthodontist can dig up if they talk to their product distributers.

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Not all orthodontic wires contain nickel

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If the metal is the problem, then the advice of the Invisalign retainers is a good alternative.  There ARE wires that do not contain nickel, but the physical properties may not work well for what you are doing.  You may be playing some trial and error.

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