Is there something wrong if I have fibroadenomas and my nipples are different sizes?

I recently found out that I have some fibroadenomas in one of my breast (right). I was told that they were not harmful and my doctor decided to leave them alone since they were causing me no pain. However, I recently noticed that my right nipple is slightly, but definitely noticeably, bigger than my left. I know minor differences are completely normal but am a little worried since the bigger nipple is also the one with the fibroadenomas.

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Thank you for your question.

Rest assured there is no correlation between the fibroadenomas and your nipple being larger on that side. You are correct that the breasts will have minor differences from side to side. Look at it this way your breasts are sisters not twins.  It is just a coincidence that they are both on the right side. 

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Is there something wrong if I have fibroadenomas and my nipples are different sizes?

As you know, "minor differences" between breasts and nipples are very commonly noted.   Assuming you have undergone careful evaluation ( physical examination,  imaging, and biopsy if necessary)  them, it is likely that you do not have much to worry about.  Of course, ongoing careful attention to physical (self)  exam and routine followup with your physicians  will be very important.   Bring any concerns (like the one you have noted above) to the attention of the doctors you see. Best wishes.  

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