Labiaplasty & fat graft injection gone wrong? (Photos)

Hello. Just don't know what to do! I made a labiaplasty and a fat transfer 3 weeks ago and that's REALLY wird! I can't recognize the parts of my vulva. There are holes everywhere. The sides of my labia majora have different sizes! am I mutiletad? can someone say what should i do now? Thanks! ps: Sorry for my english.

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Labia Amputation and Overzealous fat grafting

This is the result of labia minora amputation from a trim labiaplasty and overzealous fat grafting to the majora. The good news is that the fat will continue to reabsorb, but the labia minora will not grow back. They were almost entirely removed. This is very challenging to reconstruct and can only be done with excess tissues from the hood region, if present. If you don't trust your current surgeon, then get a second opinion from another doctor.

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I can't recognize my vulva!

Hello Nnmazz,

I'm sorry about your results. You have had your labia minora completely removed...Why?! I'm sorry, but there is nothing you can do about this.

You also chose to have fat transfer to the labia majora. Why would you want to look fat in this area? I'm not a big fan of fat transfer to the labia majora and your photos demonstrate precisely why. You can hope for the fat to not survive and for your body to absorb it. This area may improve.

You are yet another example of why women need to research their surgical options and visit with many surgeons before making their decision. The closest or cheapest surgeon is not necessarily your best choice.

Best of luck,

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Labiaplasty and fat graft injections gone wrong?

Thank you for sharing your questions and photographs, and I see your areas of concern.  Your labia majora has significant swelling from the fat grafting performed to improve its volume, and it is best to allow at least 6-8 weeks to pass to see this area settle into its long-term appearance. Much of the fat that was transferred will not survive, reducing the volume and improving your appearance. As far as your labia minora, it is difficult to tell but over resection may have taken place and any attempts at reconstruction should be delayed for 3-6 months.  Hope this helps.

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Another labial amputation, plus problematic fat transfer!

I only agree with the other docs that you won't know your final results until 2-3 months post-procedure, and that it is  YOUR SURGEON (you know-- the one you PAID!) who you should be seeing and asking hard questions!)  That said, it looks like you had a labial AMPUTATION and partial destruction of your clitoral hood. Was this a very experienced surgeon you saw, one who has done MANY (like over 100) labiaplasty & fat transfer procedures. If you see someone who is just starting, it will cost you much less, but you get what you pay for. 

Very best wishes, but doesn't look good right now. SEE YOUR SURGEON...

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD
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Labiaplasty & fat graft injection gone wrong?

Thank you for your question and pictures. At only 3 weeks from the procedure, I think it is too early to worry about results. You are still seeing swelling and normal post-op changes. In addition, the fat grafted areas will continue to resorb until the final volume is determined by your body. Follow with your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns openly. I think that with time, you will come to like the result better.

Good luck!

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It is early in your recovery

so its difficult to predict your final results at this time.  If nothing changed from your current photos, your labia majora are much to full but with fat grafting, what survives is determined by how much volume persists over time and more diminishment is anticipated.  As for the minora, its difficult to appreciate any but when the swelling goes down, you will better appreciate if you have any or have none.  So at this point, allow for healing and when done, you can ask your surgeon for an assessment and if not forthright and honest, you can get a second opinion, preferably from one of your surgeon's competitors as they are going to be very critical and be more than happy to let you know what is 'wrong' then.

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