Heard POP Day 2PO Mini TT, Was Not Told I Couldnt Stand Up Straight or Inhale Deep? Did I Ruin my Mini Tuck?

5 "7" 160 MINI tummy tuck, lipo on tummy, flanks i/o thighs. Nurse never told me not to cough or deep breaths or about standing up straight, only met with doctor maybe 10 minutes. Since I had 3 c/s (large babies over 11 pounds) and a hysterectomy I treated my mini like a normal surgery. Made sure I was doing deep breaths, walking to a degree and stood up straight with slight force. Heard and felt a pop or snap. I cant see a stitch in belly button. Did I ruin it? So upset. I feel stupid.

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Postoperative concerns from a mini-TT.

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Postoperative instructions should be very clear after surgery. Particularly for abdominal operations. The obvious recommendation is for you to follow up with your plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, there is very little else that can be recommended from a forum such as this.

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Popping sensation after mini tummy tuck

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The odds are good that you will be fine, but it would be a good idea to see your plastic surgeon, just to be sure.  Most people after surgery of this sort will experience a sensation similar to what you have described.  Best of luck

John Q. Cook, MD
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Did you damage mini-tuck?

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In all likelihood, you have not done yourself any damage and it sounds as though you have been careful. However, to allay your doubts, see your plastic surgeon in followup.

Heard POP Day 2PO Mini TT

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Doubtful that you have done any damage. I can't imagine why someone would tell you not to breathe deeply--most surgeons encourage that to avoid pulmonary complications like pneumonia. 

You don't mention any change in appearance related to the popping noise--all the less likely that you have done any harm. Do consult with your surgeon to review the post-op recommendations.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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