Will working out positively effect my Brazilian butt lift results? If so, how soon can I start?

My first question is will working out positively or negatively effect my brazilian butt lift results? I'm nervous about going to the gym, that I will burn fat and lose my results. Exercises like lunges, squats, etc. things that target the butt, hips, and thighs, will these exercises decrease or increase my results? Should I be worried about maintaining my weight while working out? How soon post surgery can I start working out? Thank you for your time.

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Working Out after a BBL

Excellent questions and a common concern.

1. As you lose and/or gain weight, your new body proportions should remain fairly consistent. I did a case study of a patient who had undergone BBL, lost nearly 10% her body weight, and then gained it back. Her body shape remained constant.

2. You should not be sitting for the first three weeks following a BBL, but should be able to resume your normal activities four weeks post-op. That said, it is essential that you refer to your surgeon's instructions as to when you will be able to begin going to the gym again.

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