When I smile naturally you can't see any teeth. Would a lip lift help or a mucosal reduction? (photos)

When I smile my teeth don't show unless I force a smile but I don't like that, can anything be done that will improve my smile, thank you very much :)

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The amount of "teeth show" when you smile is affected by two things. One is how long your upper lip is. The other, more complicated, thing is your relationship between your maxilla "the bone that hold your top teeth" and your skull. Some people have a maxilla that is set to high...and because of that, they have little to no "show" of there upper teeth. At rest, with your face relaxed and mouth open, you should have ~2mm of "teeth show". Your pictures are difficult to see because they are angled as you are leaning into the camera. I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon who can fully analyze your face and make recommendations. 

...you have a nice smile. If you wanted try something new...you may like a small amount of filler in your upper lip. That could help a little.


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