I was looking at my vagina opening and want to know if it's normal I have no itch or anything. (photo)

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Do I look normal?

There is a wide variety of what is normal and  based upon the photo you share this is indeed true.  Its the same thing for faces or noses or breasts or body shape.  What is normal?  The field of cosmetic gynecology has come under criticism by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in part because as a college we don't want women with normal genitalia to seek surgery to meet some social norm.  Surgery is best avoided when possible.  That said, many women do suffer because of genetics or changes to their genitalia from childbearing. Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery can help women when appropriately offered.   

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Abnormal vaginas are rare, yours isn't

Your vagina looks normal on the outside. See your gynecologist to get the inside checked out if you're due for an exam.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
Jersey City OB/GYN
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Your vagina looks normal!

Thanks for your question. Based on your photo, your vagina looks normal and you do not have to undergo any Vanigoplasty. Do not worry!

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj, MD
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What is a "normal" vulva??

Looks totally 100% normal to me, and I've seen tens of thousands of vaginas in my 45 years of Gyn practice... Enjoy :)  (The weblink below discusses "...Anatomy basics...")

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Looking normal?

Normal anatomy comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Your pictures look normal for a functioning vaginal opening. If you are concerned about FUNCTION, seek OBGYN evaluation, but appearance is normal.

Lawrence Eisenhauer, MD
Encinitas OB/GYN
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I was looking at my vagina opening and want to know if it's normal I have no itch or anything.

Thank you for your question and photograph. There is a wide variation in the size and appearance of a women's anatomy, and your vagina falls well within normal.  If you have any particular issues from an appearance or functional point of view, see your ob/gyn for a consultation.  Best wishes.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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