What should I do about my upper lip? (Photo)

I really don't like my upper lip when I smile. The middle of my upper lip (tubercle?) cover half of my teeth. I would love if my lip could lift a little and have it end where my teeth start. I'm not really sure what my options are here. I know I most likely don't need a lip lift. I was thinking a lip reduction for just the middle part, but I'm scared it'll make my upper lip too thin. Can what I want be accomplished with fillers? Thanks for any tips :)

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What should I do about my upper lip? (Photo)

Fillers FL they do NOT reduce! Only central excision of the area can reduce it but the scar issue is real. Best to seek in person opinions.

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Fillers may not help :/

Thanks for the great question! It appears as though when you smile too much of your lip is exposed covering a portion of your teeth. Unfortunately, in my opinion adding filler will give your lips more volume without addressing your concern. One approach may be to reduce that central part of your lip with an incision in side your mouth. Make sure to see a doctor family with this type of procedure for the best results. Best of luck in your area!

David A. Sieber, MD
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