Tummy Tuck with Prior Back Pain.

I've wanted for the longest to have a TT due to seperation of my muscles / pregnancy 7yrs ago .This year I am looking to have TT once I find the right doctor. I have nerve pain from my back if I sit too long....will that effect a doctor rejecting me for a TT ?

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Tummy Tuck with Prior Back Pain


Thank you for your question. Tummy Tuck operation is performed under general anesthesia and it takes to perform the procedure nearly 3 hours when it is performed by a team of plastic surgeons. It is really important to decrease the operation duration to give less anesthesia to the patient yielding a better postoperative period to the patient. You will be advised not to eat 6 hours before the surgery and that is all! You will get a physical examination by your surgeon and anesthetist. After the examination; we will prepare you for the surgery. You will receive a sedation in order to reduce the preoperative anxiety and fell yourself more comfortable

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Back pain and TT

Tummy tuck generally takes about 3 hours.  This may exacerbate your back pain due to prolonged pressure on certain sensitive areas. I would recommend you discuss this with your surgeon and have additional gel padding placed in your sacral, lower and upper back so the pressure is ameliorated.  

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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Tummy Tuck with Prior Back Pain.

Without knowing your history and physical and the benefit of physical exam- it's difficult to comment accurately. However, generally speaking back pain should not be a contraindication to having an Abdominoplasty. A clearance might be requested from your family doctor in order to proceed further. 

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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TTuck & Back Pain

I see no reason to not proceed based on that information. Some back pain is actually improved after TTuck surgery. Keep in mind that many patients experience temporary back pain after surgery if they are not standing up straight since their altered posture put abnormal strain on their supporting muscles.

Robert H. Hunsaker, MD
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Tummy Tuck with Prior Back Pain.

Thank you for the question.  It is very likely that you will be able to undergo tummy tuck.  This will be best done once the "nerve pain from your back" has been worked up.  Keep in mind, that patients who do undergo tummy tuck surgery often have temporary back pain, mainly related to position/pressure.
 When the time is right, seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience helping patients achieve the type of outcomes you would be pleased with. You may find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes. 

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Tummy tuck with prior back pain

Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your decision to pursue a tummy tuck.  Depending on the reason for your back pain it does not necessarily reject you for a tummy tuck and if your medical doctor clears you for surgery you should be fine to pursue an abdominoplasty.  That said there is some discomfort during the recovery process that may exacerbate your symptoms, so it would be best to discuss these concerns with an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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