What the treatment for a broken teeth?

I have a broken teeth were a root canal is performed 7 years ago. It is broken two days ago. It not hurt and it does'nt have a crown in there. I Would like to know the treatment I need in this teeth. I want to save this teeth. Please, help me. Thank you.

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It depends on the fracture, if it is too broken you might need extraction and implant, if fracture is not so big and tooth can be saves, you might have it drilled somewhat to have a post and a crown. 
Dr. Galvá

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Broken tooth

thank you for your question.
saving your tooth depends on how much tooth structure you still have left.depending on how much tooth there is, you may be able to place a crown.  in some circumstances, you may have to have the root canal treated again. if there is not much left, you may have to remove the tooth and look at other options to replace the tooth.
please go see your dentist and find out your options.  
good luck!

Melissa Chun, DDS
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See dentist ASAP

Consult your dentist and he/she can tell you about options for saving or not saving with risks and benefits. Build up and crown will be one option if  enough tooth structure is remaining  or  crown legthening might be needed if fracture is below gum line or close to your tooth bone . You have to consider longterm and short term prognosis in making decision. Best of luck.

Adnan Saleem, DMD
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Broken tooth

Hi Solky219,
It is very hard to say without a proper radiograph, but from what you described, more than likely the tooth is unrestorable. What that means is, it probably can't be saved. Do you have a primary dentist you see?

Colleen Lam, DMD
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