Will the post explant look improve and will pain and problems ever go away? (photo)

375cc implants 9 years. Had abscess and infection in left breast. Original surgeon had me on numerous rounds of antibiotics. She did aspirations then surgery to remove abscess & infection. She punctured implant on last aspiration. Didn't clear up. Said I needed to have implant removed to clear up. Went to plastic surgeon, had both removed so I wouldn't be DD and whatever. After explant still having problems. Another aspiration yesterday. Nothing came out. May be scar tissue.

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Will the post explant look improve and will pain and problems ever go away?

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I am sorry to hear about the problems you have experience. Ongoing time will certainly help improve the appearance of your breasts. Resolution of swelling/inflammationinduration will also be helpful when it comes to improvement in appearance and softness of the breasts.

After viewing your pictures however, I I think that it is possible that you will wish to further improve the appearance of your breasts down the line. Of course, this is best done after a waiting period of at least six months to one year in most patients' cases. What procedure you wish to have done, such as breast lifting and/or re augmentation, will depend on your physical examination and goals, at that time.

I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

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