Rhinoplasty revision #2 needed any rhi nm of last year specialist in orlando fl and what do you think needs to be done?

Had rhinoplasty done 10 months ago unhappy with results .There's loose some bone sitting on the bridge of my nose and tip and nostrils droppy and undefined don't.I don't like how long my nose look. What needs to be done to fix this and are is there any good rhinoplasty specialist in fl ?

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Poor rhinoplasty results in Florida

Hi.  I do not blame you for being unhappy.  The results are not good no matter what the starting point was in this case.  The pictures you posted are inadequate for analysis but just based on these you need more structure and support and projection to your nose.  I do not know of any rhinoplasty specialists in Orlando but there is one good surgeon in Miami - Dr. Richard Davis. 

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