Will RETIN A always work or do you have an alternative for pitted scars?

I have scars which resemble pits in my cheeks due to a laser being pointed at my face by someone, but that's a whole other story. So I just need to get these pits that are scarred on my face...Do you have any suggestions? I know of Retin A but that just changes skin cells. What about these pits? Will skin be replaced there and eventually the pits will be gone if I use Retin A??? Will a change of skin cells make the pits disappear?

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Retin-A and Icepick Scars

Retin-A is typically not effective in Icepick type scars.  Other modalities for acne scars are available and include  laser (which might not be likely), CROSS TCA, medical Roll CIT and subcision with filler.

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Pitted scars and Retin A

Dear lipsticksafari407:
Unfortunately, Retin A will not resolve pitted scars. Microneedling with PRP can help pitted scars, as can 90% TCA applied with a toothpick into each scar, or removing each one and closing up the skin with stitches. We also see improvement in pitted scars with a filler called Bellafill.
You might wish to consult a dermatologist skilled in these procedures. I am not sure about Orlando, but in Tampa Dr. Milan Lombardi is familiar with all of these approaches.
All the best,Dr. Clark

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