Raising Hemoglobin and Iron Safety?

Today I checked my hemoglobin and it was a 12.0. My goal is to raise it to 13.5 within 3 weeks. Is this goal realistic? I am taking 18mg of iron 2x per day, along with folic acid, vitamin b12, and plenty of vitamin C. How much iron is safe to take each day? Can I take 18mg 3x per day? Or more???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Treating Anemia

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Before embarking on taking huge doses of supplements it is always advisable to first be worked up for the reason for YOUR anemia because not all anemia a are caused by failure to take in or absorb enough IRon or Bit. B12. You should be evaluated by a Hematologist to see if you are not producing enough blood or may be slowly bleeding which could explain the difficulty in correcting your anemia. 
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