I'm 5'2" and 250lbs and have no medical problems. What procedure would you suggest be a better option for me?

I have thick thighs but an apple shape butt and it's not full at the bottom and the sides. I already have wide hips.

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I'm 5'2" and 250lbs and have no medical problems.

Thank you for your question. Liposuction for thighs and knees and in such areas superior to Laser Lipolysis System which is designed to be applied in gentle parts of body. In NIL technique, a cannula having fluctuation, rotation, and vibration movements creating ultrasonic waves allows removing fat tissue gently and safely without harming any other tissues. The vibrations and ultrasound waves of the device releases stem cells adhered to fat cells. Released stem cells helps to healing process and results with natural and fresher look. NIL doesn’t require large incisions on skin but very small entering hole for the cannula as a result it is almost impossible to notice. Compared with surgical techniques, as there is no incisions during surgery, there is no fluctuations or bumps on skin after the procedure providing a smoother look. Additionally most recent simple and safe technique NIL is done under local anesthesia in most application areas so that patient can return normal activities the next day.

Turkey Plastic Surgeon
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250 pounds and desiring lateral and bottom fullness

Your best bet is to consider fat grafting of the lateral and bottom of your buttocks which provides superior results to implant augmentation with silicone implants; silicone implants laterally and inferiorly can result in unnecessary complications.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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Buttock enhancement

Thank you for your inquiry regarding options about buttock augmentation.  Our first concern as plastic surgeons is the safety of our patients.  You describe yourself as 5'2" and 250 pounds.  At this weight your BMI is currently 45.72.  At this weight I would be very hesitant to recommend any elective surgical procedure.  The risk of surgery is too great.  After you have lost some weight, surgery may be a great choice to achieve the contouring you desire.  

Samuel Beran, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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