Possible polly beak formation? (Photo)

I am almost 2 months post op and there is a large mass on one side of my nose still. The profile on one side looks fine but the other side looks like a possible Polybeak deformity is is forming. When I tape my nose it looks fine immediately after removing the tape but then returns to how it looks in these photos. I'm worried that it will only continue to get worse. Any thoughts?

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Hi, what we are seeing is most likely, at least in part, due to swelling this early after surgery. Rhinoplasty can take up to a year to see the final product and last area to shed the swelling is the tip area. Some of us inject a series of kenalog (steroid) into the area to help it go away a little fast but that is up to the operating surgeon. I would recommend giving it some time and continue follow up with your surgeon.

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Post op nose

mckenzie9111, taping and judicious use of Kenalog injections will help retained supratip edema which in many cases needs to be treated for up to a year after surgery. Follow your surgeon's advice and if you are unhappy after a year seek an appointment with a surgeon that specializes in "only faces" and has years of experience. See the video. Good luck!

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You are only two months after surgery so it is too early to evaluate. Because it is controlled by taping but reccurs after removal, this suggests it is simply residual swelling that should continue to improve with adequate time. A true polybeak represents cartilage/fibrosis and is more fixed.

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Polly beak?

I see what you are saying.  Two months is early to make any conclusive statements.  Good sign that it goes away even if temporary with taping.  Continue that and ask your surgeon if he/she thinks a steroid injection might be useful.

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