Permanent front bridge involving six teeth. Two front were removed because of bone loss? (Photo)

One side has more space between gum and bridge. Food gets caught. Cosmetically it looks good but feels too much space on that side and is very annoying. Can t be adjusted at all without removing it. When I asked my dentist about it he said if he removed it it could be worse. My thought is for the money I paid it should fit perfectly as I have to wear this probably the rest of my life. I don't want to be a complainer but I don't like how it feels.

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Unhappy with bridge

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It will be necessary to remove the bridge to fix the problem of packing food.If you don't have the problem fixed the packing food can lead to decay forming and then you could loose an additional tooth. I suggest returning to the dentist and letting them know how concerned you are and that you want the bridge replaced. With the new bridge you might want to wear it temporarily cemented to determine if it needs adjustment before it is finally cemented.

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Dental bridge

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Hi, thanks for write... Totally agree with your dentist, will be worse if you remove the bridge, could broke and need to do a new one, just try to keep clean and don't worry. Good luck. 

Jepssy Beltre, DDS
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