Will my Breast Implants Look Better over Time or is This It? I Got my Breast Done 3 Months Ago (photo)

I was a deflated A (now a C), with slight asymmetry. I was not sure to get a breast lift or not because I didn't want the scar. I asked my surgeon her opinion and she said I don't need one the implant will give me the lift I want. The are starting to look weird and droopy. Are they going to drop more? are they going to look more even? I am i just worrying too much? do you think it is a good or bad job?do i need a lift? if i do need a lift do i have to get that lollipop scar? please let me know thanks!

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Wait some more time

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How long it takes for implants to settle will depend on the type of implant and the surgery that was done. Trust your plastic surgeon to take you through this process. Breast lifts move the nipple complex to the middle of the breast. From the side you nipple is in the middle of your breast. I would avoid mastopexy scars if at all possible. The minor difference between the two breasts is nothing to worry about. Every women has uneven breasts

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Over Thinking Results

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Thank you for the photos.  Your result looks great!  Stop worrying. You are over thinking this. Please do not think about seeking more surgery because there is no reason to do so.

Best Wishes

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