Can I have multiple cosmetic procedures at once?

Looking to do lower body lift, breast reduction/lift and arm lift.

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Multiple Cosmetic Procedures

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Great question. It is possible to perform multiple cosmetic procedures at once, although longer procedures carry greater risk of blood clots in the leg veins ( DVT ). DVT is a potential complication with any surgery and measures must be taken to limit this risk. If other risk factors are present, the addition of increased operative time may be a contraindication to additional surgery. Risk factors that can be manipulated include: BMI, length of surgical time, muscle tightening with tummy tuck, oral contraception or hormone therapy use, and smoking. Risk factors which cannot be altered are: age, medical history, or previous weight loss surgery.

Combined Procedures

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Multiple procedures can be done safely, but it depends on your health status (past medical history), your anatomy, and the amount of surgery/type of procedures to be done. In some cases, an overnight stay may be recommended.

Lower body multiple procedures

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The  answer to this questions  is yes but there  needs to be a individual analysis of each case depending of the amount of skin, fat and severity of the case along with the pre evaluation of the physical condition of the patient.

Multiple Procedures

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Multiple procedures can be done together, however if there is a lot of excess skin, it may be safer to do these as separate stages. Also, having multiple procedures done at the same time can make the surgery riskier and recovery more difficult. I usually recommend NOT doing too many areas at one surgery. Regards, Dr Steve Merten, Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Lower body lift, breast reduction, arm lift - multiple cosmetic procedures

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Hello, thank you for your question. Yes, multiple cosmetic procedures can be done at once, as long as you are healthy and close to your ideal weight.  I recommend undergoing surgery with a Board Certified Plastic Surgery and in a certified facility. Often my patients will stay one night overnight for postoperative support. I hope this was helpful to you.. good luck!

Tamy M. Faierman, MD
Weston Plastic Surgeon

Lower body lift, breast reduction and arm lift

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Hello and thank you for your question. Yes they certainly can be done together.  That depends on how experienced your ps is as well as your age, health and most importantly current weight. 

Peter Fisher M.D 

Multiple procedures

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For my patients, I typically will try to limit your time in the operating room to 6 hours.  We can usually do multiple areas at the same time, but you will need to discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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