What Happened to my Top Lip? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty six months ago and I have a crease on my top lip that won't go away. My doctor first claimed that I had it before and then he said it was just swelling. But I went through tons of before pictures and I never had it. My whole top lip has changed. Has anybody experienced this? Will it go away? Will I need a revision?

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What Happened to my Top Lip?

Sometimes when doing a rhinoplasty the small facial expression muscles to the upper lip are released or cut. Thus the healing causes at time this horizontal crease to form. Allow a full year of healing. If still present than a HA filler or direct surgical release could improve. 

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Rhinoplasty surgery

Dear Mailan,

  1. If a columellar strut was used to support the tip and extended down to the lip, then this crease can be from that
  2. Trimming this area can reduce the appearance of the line
  3. An exam would really help find out what is going on

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Crease in Top Lip After Rhinoplasty

Without an exam it is impossible to comment.  Schedule an appointment with your Plastic Surgeon to discuss your Rhinoplasty result.  He can compare your before pictures for a better discussion.

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Crease might've been present before surgery.

A rhinoplasty will not affect facial expression. I would wonder whether this crease existed before the procedure.

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