Conchal ridge from otoplasty nearly 16 years ago. Any suggestions? (photo)

Conchal ridge from otoplasty nearly 16 years ago. I'm in Central Florida. Looking for a qualified board certified plastic surgeon to help me out. It's really starting to bother me more. Seek facial plastics or general? Looking at bilateral revision as I have the telephone ear deformity. Wondering if anything can be done to make it less noticeable.

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Conchal ridge from otoplasty nearly 16 years ago.

That visible ridge of conchal cartilage is a telltale giveaway of prior otoplasty, as is the telephone ear deformity. Both can be corrected with revision surgery.  Do yourself a favor and find an experienced otoplasty surgeon (either Board-certified Facial Plastics or General Plastics) who is able to show you photos of their outcomes.
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Conchal ridge from otoplasty nearly 16 years ago.

The conchal ridge is the consequence of the working of the cartilage, which indicates that you were operated on with a traditional otoplasty. With this invasive method, pieces of cartilage are often removed to reduce a big cavum conchae, creating these cartilage ridges. With the new, minimally invasive Merck stitch method, such results are no longer possible. The removal of these ridges is difficult and not always successful.  

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