How to fix my natural hairline? (Photo)

I was wondering what the best way to grow in my naturally bad hairline. I get made fun of alot for it, and I was wondering how I could fix it. Thanks :/

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How to fix my natural hairline?

In the photos that you provided, it appears that your hairline is quite high, but still dense. I'm assuming that "fixing" your hairline means lowering it. A hair transplant would be the only way to permanently lower your hairline. 

My preference for hair transplant surgery is the NeoGraft technology as it leaves no linear scar at the donor site, the recovery time is short, pain is minimal, and the appearance is entirely natural when done with skill and experience. I have many patients who put a baseball hat on 2 days after surgery and go about their businesses. Of course, there are limitations, which your surgeon will discuss with you.

Thank you of your question and photo, and best of luck to you.

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If you do not like your hair line, you should see a doctor for an examination and consultation.

If you do not like your hair line, you should see a doctor for an examination and consultation.  There are treatment options such as a hair transplant surgery.

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How to fix my natural hairline?

Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your question. Loss of hair is a natural process when it is between the limits that the body can restore them. When the capacity of the body to restore the hair loss is beaten by the excessive hair loss then we can name this situation something that should be treated, To obtain alive hair follicles implanted in higher rates, the latest technique being used is not the only manner, it is also affected by compliance of implantation area that we found a better way to improve as a result of our researches, The Organic Hair Transplantation. By this new and unique Organic Hair Transplantation Technique, before the extraction and implantation processes; we regenerate the implantation area with injection of stem cell enriched fat tissue. Regeneration of cells in target area before FUE transplantation with the support of stromal stem cells results in higher rate of alive thicker hair follicles

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from the photos you provided it appears that you have progression of hair loss. you should have a consultation with a hair restoration surgeon who can evaluate your scalp and hair, as well as discuss all of the available options available to you. 

Rae Lynne Kinler, MD
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Frontral recession

You have frontal recession. If you are over 25, then you can address it with hair transplant. If you are under 25, you need a plan put together to find out if you are going to be much balder as you would not want this hairline lowered and use up your donor hair if you were to become very bald

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Yes, there are options

Grafting can be used to lower your hairline a bit, but you need to be very careful. If you experience some hairline regression after grafting, it can look very funny if you have a wall of hair in the front then nothing behind it! It's best to see someone who is experienced with grafting and won't just take your money because you walked in the door.  Go for a couple of consultations and I'd avoid "chain stores" who are more apt to take your money.  Good luck!

Robert S. Houser, DO
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Natural hairline

you can fix it with dense packing FUE. During the placement of follicular units there will be a mixture of single, double and a few triple grafts, which help to create the soft look of a natural hairline. For the first few lines always go for single grafts, later doubles Triples and others.So that a smooth transition will be there giving undetectable hair transplants.

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
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