Facial asymmetry and masculinity; What procedures would be involved in fixing this for me? Other advice? (photos)

My face has a lot of masculine and asymmetrical qualities that make me look different than I feel. My nose is large in comparison to my facial features and is a bit offset. My eyebrows have always been very different heights naturally, no matter how I try to pluck them. My undereyes are puffy and dark no matter how much sleep I get. And finally the bottom half of my face seems droopy, making me look older than I am (I am only 19). What would you recommend? And who should I see for a consultation

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I recommend you go step by step

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Sometimes I recommend to my patients that they consider having several procedures all at once.  Your face, though, is already feminine, and I think that you may find yourself where you want to be after one or two smaller procedures.  First, everyone has some facial asymmetry, and you are right that correcting significant asymmetry can make a face more attractive.  Often this can be achieved with injectables - filler to widen the thinner side of the face, or botox to improve brow symmetry.  It is important to remember that the goal is IMPROVED symmetry, not COMPLETE symmetry.  A rhinoplasty may help to feminize your face. You can also make your forehead smaller, but the scar can take months to heal. Feminizing a face is more complicated than treating an isolated issue - like a big nose - and the best recommendations can be given in a face to face consult. Good luck. Bryan Rolfes, MD

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