Downtime and cost of sub-fascial butt implant, with aggressive lipo of stomach and flanks, grafting to hips? (Photo)

Subfasial because I have a near masculine, shoulder heavy form and need lateral projection, too. Located in Central Fl. Would I be able to lift a 2yr old by the 11 day mark? If I travel for this surgery what should my distance limit be, for comfort on a plane? Any estimates for cost would be appreciated, but I understand the nature of these things and that the costs will vary widely.

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Buttock augmentation

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I have many out-of-town patients.  I suggest waiting at least 2 weeks before traveling home.  At the 11 day post op you will be able to function but I wouldn't count on being able to chase after a 2 year old. I think its best that you secure some help with the child during your recovery since the recovery for buttock implants is unpredictable.

Buttocks implant

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Buttocks implants are placed right under the muscle fascia why some call it subfascial; the implant actually results in being positioned in the muscle proper; The muscle fascia creates a strong lining to keep it in position and to prevent it from its edges being visible or from the edges from being felt; it also protects it from infection and malposition with time. Please consider a consultation; the link below will assist with out of town accomodations.

Surgery and travel

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I think that for most things, you should stay locally for surgery so that you can receive appropriate post-op care.

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Cost of "subfascial" buttock implants?

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Whether skinny or not, buttock jmplants are best placed under (or at least within) the gluteus maximus muscle.  Indeed a subfascial placed buttock implant may look great for the first 6, even 12 months tops. However as the final swelling resolves and the size/weight of the implant succumbs to gravity over time, it will become visibly and papably obvious. The reason for this is twofold: 1) the investing fascia of the gluteus maximus muscle is extremely adherent and interwoven with the deeper muscle fibers. Because of this, it is impossible to place a 300+ cc buttock implant under this fascia layer without shredding it to pieces, thus rendering it subcutaneous (under and suported by the skin only), and 2) buttock implants are 5+ times as large as other implants which are typically placed subfascial (eg. calf and hip implants).  These smaller lighter implants are readily supported long term by the fascia layer. However the much larger buttock implants would eventually thin out and erode through this layer making them obviously visible and artificially palpable. Thus, the only way to place buttock implants for a reliable, long term, and natural outcome is under (or occassionally within) the gluteus maximus muscle.  

Surgical prices vary by region, surgeon reputation, and surgical experience.  Keep in mind however that very few plastic surgeon truly specialize in buttock implants and the first time around has the absolute best chance for aesthetic success. Revision  for botch-jobs are not only very expensive but extremely challenging to achieve at least a good, not great, final outcome. For this reason, I literally have at least 60% of my patients fly in from other states or other countries as far as the Canada, UK, Holland, Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. Glad to help.

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