Need dental implants on a low budget. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have lots of missing teeth in the back. I can only chew on one tooth on the right. Need bine graft also and close a few spaces. I have an old bridge which needs to come out. Remove all teeth? Keep some? I need help!!!

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Dental implants on budget

you could look into treatment at a dental school. In the specialty departments of dental schools ( namely periodontics / oral surgery ) , you  will get treated by resident dentists who are getting trained in implant surgery and bone grafting .....They treat patients under supervision. You will receive good care. Might take some time to get accepted as a patient and get treated. Good luck 

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Yes, you an find a solution, with this, if you are looking for something affordable,SNAPINDENTURES , would be your best solution, now if the front teeth are good , you can preserve them and you will be able to place implants only in posterior areas, now , if you are looking for something affordable ,do what many patients in usa, and canada are doing, they re traveling abroad, to have dental procedures, and dental tourism is a very interesting solution .

Dental Implants

If it is indicated to remove all of your teeth, the All-on-4 procedure, which can be accomplished in one surgical visit, would most likely be your most practical, definitive, most cost-effective solution when it comes to non-removal teeth. I would encourage you to visit a periodontist for a full evaluation to determine what is the best curse of action for you.

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Dental implants on a low budget

Hello Ferny, thanks for write. To provide you with an evaluation about Dental Implants, some x-rays will be necesaries to evaluate the bone, i don´t think we have to remove all teeth, but as i said we have to make a physical and radiographic evaluation. If you are looking for low prices for a dental treatment, i really recommended you to go for dental tourism in another country, here in DR is a good option, and also we can provide a quote and a treatment plan by sending some pictures to or email. Remember that getting a healthy mouth, you can get really good healt. 
Good luck!

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